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Origins of Our Faith

is an historic look back to the Hebrew roots of Christianity. Rick Richardson explains how and why a small group of Jewish "believers" were transformed into the most influential religious movement in history, and how returning to the origins of our faith is the only way to reach our destiny.

Warning: This book may cause a paradigm shift. It turns Christianity upside down and gives new meaning to our faith, purpose and future by exploring Christianity's Hebrew roots.



Could "Believing" in Jesus
PREVENT you from being "saved"?

Paul says:

Romans 10:9

If you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.

Most Christians would read this passage as saying: you must believe that Jesus is God in order to be saved, and yet when asked what one needs to do, to have eternal life what did he say?

Matthew 19:16

One came and said to him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?  And he said to him, Why do you call me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God: but if you will enter into life, keep the commandments.

Jesus does not put the focus on himself.  There is no need to believe that Jesus is God or even a Messiah.  Rather, Jesus says simply to keep the commandments, stressing also, that there was only one that was good; and it was not him.  Only God is good.

It is ironic that the one thing that many Christians believe will save them is the one thing that is PREVENTING them from being saved; believing that Jesus is God.  Why would that be?

In the verse that we just read, Jesus says that the way to eternal life was to keep the commandments.  What then would be the most important commandment to keep?

Mark 12:28

One of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, “Which is the first commandment of all?”  And Jesus answered him, “The first of all the commandments [is], Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:  And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all thy strength: this [is] the first commandment.  And the second [is] like, this, you shall love your neighbor as yourself. There are no other commandments greater than these.”  And the scribe said to him, “Well, Master, you have said the truth: for there is one God; and there is no other but he:  And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love [his] neighbor as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.” 

So the belief in One God is the greatest commandment, as Jesus said and was confirmed by the scribe.  And although Jesus believed he was certainly inspired by God, to claim that he WAS God would violate this (the first or greatest) commandment.  Since Jesus said that keeping the commandments was the way to eternal life, from a Jewish perspective, to believe that he was God would be the worst thing that you could do.

For the Greeks, however, this was not so.  They had a god for EVERYTHING. To believe that Jesus was NOT God would be un-natural for them. So as the beliefs developed among the early Greek (Gentile) Christians, they struggled to comprehend the Hebrew (Jewish) concept of Messiah.  But their understanding of what Messiah was, was quite different than the Hebraic (Jewish) understanding.

So if the Jewish understanding of Messiah is NOT God coming to the earth as a man in order to save mankind, what was Messiah to do, and how then are we "saved"?

Continuing with the verse above:

Mark 12:34

And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God”.

The kingdom of God was the message that Jesus preached. It is what he called the “good news” or the gospel.  This was the message that Jesus "sent" to deliver.

Luke 4:43

And he said to them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent.

What exactly is the kingdom of God?  It is that time in the future when the lost northern kingdom of Israel is reunited with the saved southern kingdom of Judah, and Messiah will rule over both of them during an era of peace.

Jeremiah 31:31

Behold, the days come, says the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day [that] I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they broke, although I was an husband to them, says the LORD: But this [shall be] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, says the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

The key prophecy to be fulfilled in order for this to happen is the RETURN of the northern kingdom.

The Hebrew word for "repent" is tshuvah and is better translated as "return".  So when Jesus was saying, “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”, he is saying “return”.

Who is he expecting to return? 

Jesus believed that he was the Messiah that dies.  In Jewish tradition that Messiah is called Messiah ben Joseph.  The task that Messiah ben Joseph was to accomplish, was (through his death) the return of the northern kingdom. This is how the northern kingdom is "saved"; they are brought back from exile, and are no longer "lost" among the nations.

Jesus said that he came to “save that which was lost” in Matthew 18:11, and in Matthew 15:24 he says that he was ONLY sent to "the lost sheep of the House of Israel".

The phrase "the lost sheep of the House of Israel" is not an ambiguous one.  The prophets talk about the "House of Israel" and the "House of Judah".  The House of Israel (the northern kingdom) is also referred to as people that are lost. So to say "the lost sheep of the House of Israel" is very specific.  It refers to the northern kingdom, sometimes called the Lost Ten Tribes.

The northern kingdom was a nation of rebellious people who did not follow God nor keep his commandments. The main sin of the nation was idolatry (following other gods).  By making Messiah into God, many people, who believe that today they are part of the northern kingdom, are guilty of precisely the same sin as their forefathers; the sin of idolatry.

It is the biggest obstacle preventing the northern kingdom from returning. The task of abandoning the Greek version of Messiah is not easy; there is much in Christian theology that hinges on the belief that Messiah is God.  There seems to be much more UN-learning to do before the northern kingdom is truly "saved".

Rick Richardson
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i think that its the truth but i think that JESUS 
and FATHER are one the same WORD of GOD become flesh 
name: alen
city: Sisak Croatia
Yes, this has been the Christian belief from the earliest Greek 
"church fathers".  However, It was NOT (nor ever has been) 
the Jewish belief.   Since the first followers of Yeshua (Jesus) 
were all Jewish, they did not believe that he was God.   
For a more complete view of this subject, read my book 
(it's FREE on line).  Just click on the book cover on my homepage.
Rick Richardson

A Bunch of Jewish Guys      (posted 02/01/08)

I often say that "Christianity began as a bunch of Jewish guys". This is one of the most important concepts for people to get their mind around.  And yet, even for people in the "Hebrew Roots" movement they have difficulty seeing the New Testament through "Jewish" eyes. 

Remember, the Greeks that Paul went to, the ones who later became leaders of "the way" (after the Hebraic leadership had all been killed) were not Torah scholars. They were Greeks.  They knew Greek philosophy and mythology, and understood, transcribed and paraphrased in that context.

God's intention was to bring back the northern kingdom at a distant time in the future.  They were not to understand, and indeed DID NOT understand. It was not the time.

The Christmas Tree and the Easter Bunny are part of THAT Greek (pagan) culture, as was the concept of God having a child through a human being that would then "save" humanity.

When the Jews talked about a Messiah that would "save" the Lost Tribes of Israel and reunite them with the House of Judah, the Greeks understood that in a very Greek way. They mixed in their own traditions and eventually arrived at an entirely different place of understanding.

It is a difficult thing to do, but we must look at Christianity as a first century Jew, rather than a 21st century Christian, if we are ever to understand the original message.

Rabbi Michael Skobac from Toronto gave a talk about Christianity.  I have tried to piece it together here.

Rick Richardson
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Dividing the land of Israel
(posted 01/20/08)

I keep asking myself ... Can they REALLY be serious?  I honestly do not understand how people that I believe possess a certain level of intelligence can be so foolish.  The "Roadmap for Peace" being proposed by President George W. Bush, the UN, and others, is in reality a "Roadmap for Disaster".

It certainly would be helpful IF there had EVER been ANY history where giving up parts of the Jewish homeland has resulted in a more peaceful situation.  Actually just the opposite is true.  The EXPANSION of the Jewish homeland HAS resulted in more peaceful conditions.

Israel PROTECTS the holy sites of ALL faiths.  This has not been the case whenever control of those sites are relinquished to the P.A.  Israel develops the highways and industry. To this point in time the Palestinian people have been far better off under Israeli rule than under their own rule.  It would be nice to see ANY evidence of success by the P.A. before giving them more territory to destroy.

The clear examples of Bethlehem, Jericho and Hebron and most recently the evacuation of Gaza leave little question as to how to secure peace and protection in the region.

I support the Israel Initiative is a plan to annex the West Bank and Gaza into the land of Israel.  It provides for the resettlement of those who would not desire to remain under Jewish rule, and creates the opportunity for those who would pledge allegiance to the state of Israel to become full citizens.  Fairness and Opportunity seem to be a much better "roadmap" for peace than political correctness and expedience.

While President Bush was in Israel he was given a scroll that was prepared by the New Jewish Congress, The Sanhedrin and the Temple Institute.  Rabbi Chaim Richman (spokesman for these organizations) reads the contents of the scroll.

Mr. President, let's focus on eliminating terrorist strongholds rather than creating new ones. If you are really looking for peace in the region, give Israel MORE land and resources. Allow Israel to fulfill her destiny as a light to the nations.  Peace CAN come to the Middle East, but let us not ignore history and logic when we search for it.  It is closer than you can imagine. May it happen in our lifetime.

Rick Richardson
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What If ...

So let’s play a game of “what if”.  What if the northern kingdom of Israel, the nation taken captive by the Assyrians around 722 BCE, is still waiting to be redeemed.  What if they did not return (in any massive way) through gradual assimilation, and the return will be as the prophets seem to write about in the Tanach: at the end of the age the house of Israel will return from being lost among the Gentiles. They will be drawn back from the four corners of the earth to the true worship of God and to the land of Israel.

As the prophet Ezekiel writes, the house of Israel is like a valley of dry bones.  It seems to appear out of nowhere.  If the house of Israel (the Lost Ten Tribes) is to come back to the land of Israel and be reunited with the house of Judah, exactly how will it come about?  How do you know who a member of the lost tribes is?  There are no identifying marks.  There is no defined history (after all they were “lost”).

The whole idea of a completely “lost” nation, appearing out of nowhere at the end of the age, sounds so unlikely it is easy to dismiss it all as a silly legend.  But “What if” … What if it really is to happen that way.  What would it look like?  What if God began to bring the northern kingdom back from exile, and there was no one to guide them or to assist them along the way. 

We know that IF God has purposed a thing to happen it will happen with or without any assistance from us.  Yet, it would seem that being prepared for a “what if” is not a bad idea.  Even if there is no returning northern kingdom, to ask the question “what if the northern kingdom returned” is not altogether a worthless exercise.  There are many people on a pathway that leads them to a different vantage point of understanding.

 Several years ago I met a gentleman in an ultra orthodox area of Jerusalem. He was introduced to me as a rabbi of rabbis.  I began my conversation by saying “If there are a growing number of people around the world (especially in Christianity) who are moving toward Judaism …”  The rabbi stopped me and said “Let’s not say “if”, we know it is happening”.   I paused (a little surprised) and then continued, “Could this be the returning northern kingdom?  And if it is, what pathway is there for them to follow”?

People from all around the globe are coming to Israel looking for answers. They are asking for guidance and direction.  If the orthodox community does not take the roll of guide, there will be others who will.  There are any number of willing “leaders” with fringe (and sometimes even dangerous) ideas who are more than happy to gather a following.

So what is the harm in asking “What if”?  What if the northern kingdom is now really in a process of return?  IF someone is asking for guidance … no, … if many someones are asking for guidance, what is the harm in providing that guidance?  Do we need to PROVE that a person is from the northern kingdom, before we say, “IF you ARE from the northern kingdom, and are returning to God, here is the path.

Many of us come with no agenda. We make no demands.  We simply ask humbly for guidance saying “let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.” 

We have no proof as to a “lost heritage,” we have only a burning desire to “return” … to return to a place that feels more like home than any place we have ever been.  We have nothing else to offer to take away your suspicions and doubts.

Sometimes, however, we must act on faith, believing that there is a right course of action regardless of our understanding of all the facts.  In the book of Esther, Mordechai tells Esther “ if you altogether hold your peace at this time, then will relief arise from another place”.  But who knows whether you have come to this place “for such a time as this”.

To address the idea of the northern kingdom’s return may be a controversial topic.  There may not be consensus.  There certainly is no proof that we can offer.  It may well be that the best thing we could possibly ask ourselves is … “what if”.

Rick Richardson
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The One True Religion

What is the one true Religion?    Judaism, of course.  Why on earth would I say such a thing, and if I truly believe that, why am I not ant-Christian … and why don’t I immediately convert to Judaism? 

I believe that Christianity is part of God’s great plan for the redemption of all mankind, however, it is only a vehicle … a vehicle to bring the northern lost kingdom of Israel back to the true religion of Judaism. Christianity (in itself) is NOT God’s true religion.

Those of us who come from the Christian side of life, have been looking through a set of lenses that have made everything appear “upside down”.  We have read through the Bible, picking through a buffet of passages that seem to support our position.  Like a conspiracy theorist (who only sees what he chooses to see) and reads past all of those passages that do not support his theory.

The Bible simply does not support the main tenants of Christianity.  Christianity is a mix of paganism and Greek thinking with a dash of Messiah thrown in the middle (to give us enough information to find our way back when the time is right).  Those who claim to be from the “Lost Ten Tribes” of Israel, and at the same time believe that they (the northern kingdom) come back to teach the Jews (the southern kingdom), are simply reading past what they choose NOT to see.

As good as it my feel to imagine ourselves as the hero that come and saves the day, we are not the one with the answers.  We are not the faithful son.  We are the prodigal son that abandoned our father’s ways.  The prophets do not talk of the northern kingdom returning and all the Jews grabbing the corner of their garments to learn more about God. 

 For those in the “Messianic Community” who believe that the Jews will (someday off in the future) accept Jesus as God, are like those who “try out” for the TV show “American Idol” with the dissolution that they can actually carry a tune.

Yet, the process that the northern kingdom must go through, is not simply changing an attitude of belief … and then BAM we are now part of Israel.  It is a literal change of nationality.  We BECOME a people.  We learn and grow, and go through a process.  That process has been determined by God from the beginning of Israel’s existence as a nation.

Today we call that process conversion.

Many “Messianic Jews” claim that they are now completed Jews because they have accepted Jesus and have converted to Christianity.  In reality just the opposite would be true.  If you are Jewish, go back to synagogue.  If you are a Christian, the ONLY way to be a “completed” Christian is to abandon pagan beliefs.

It would be incorrect to believe that there is more than one true religion.  Again, let me restate my position.  Judaism is the ONLY true religion. There is not one religion for Jews and another for Gentiles.  There is no such thing as a Noachide “religion”, separate from Judaism.

I invite you to read my book “Origins of Our Faith” on line, and I look forward to your comments.

Rick Richardson
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Rick, I read your book a few years ago 
and think it is a great asset for Christians.  
Concerning this blog post, I agree with you.  
There is only one religion, however, that religion, 
Judaism, does address non-Jews with the Noahide laws.  
This isn't "separate" but the people 
are not Jews, either.  

Christianity likes to talk about "legalism."  
What that really is is requiring of someone something 
he is not obligated to do.  All Jews are obligated 
to keep the Torah; keeps that Law is not "legalism." 
All Noahides are obligated to keep the Seven Laws; 
adding anything else would be legalism.  A Noahide 
who keeps those laws is as righteous as the 
High Priest.  

Right now I think the world is in a situation in 
which people are trying to find where they fit.  
Unfortunately, Christianity has given "gentile" 
a bad name, and people who have searched for the 
Hebrew roots of their faith feel inferior. This 
has caused people to search for a new way to "fit" 
and that can lead to pretense.   

The ultimate is to seek His Truth and to live our 
individual purpose in the world--in complete honesty 
before HaShem. 

Kol hakavod on your book,
name: Miriam
city: Colorado USA 


Thanks for your thoughtful comments.  You are correct,
the degree of righteousness that one has, is not achieved
by virtue of the amount of laws he is required to keep. 
It is that question of where we "fit" that is often the most
difficult one to resolve.

Rick Richardson

Thank you for providing your book online. 
I look forward to reading it.
name: Robin
city: Shelbyville TN USA


Thanks for the note.  I look forward to your comments.

Rick Richardson

Rick, I know Christianity is full 
of pagan practice. All that aside, is Jesus/Yeshua 
King of Kings and Lord of Lords?  He did raise 
from the dead just as He said he would and His 
disciples testify to this fact.  Plus, He changed 
my life and set me free and I am eager for His 
soon return; gathering in the exiles such as myself/
name: Robyn
city: Richardson, TX


These are all the questions that you need to spend time
thinking about. Trust that God will lead you in your
understanding, and be patient with yourself and others.

Rick Richardson

You're Not Like Me!

What exactly should we expect every one else to think and act like?  Well, like us, of course.  Since we view life through a certain set of lenses, our perception of reality and truth are subject to what we see through them.

And since we all believe that truth is universal, each of us our views the other as "not quite getting it". Can we agree upon the fact that none of us holds all the answers ... and that we are not all born with our beliefs and perceptions fully evolved?  If so it would seem to me that the most prudent course of action is one of patience and caution.

True, there is always the need for caution and verification when preceding into any uncharted waters, and yet if we never move ahead, if we insist upon arguing on the shores, we will never make all the discoveries that God has for us. 

Not everyone is at the same place along their path.  Be kind to one another, and always try to make many more friends than enemies.  Even though we may not always see exactly what another sees, our paths will continue to cross one another and if we are gentle and kind and patient with each other, our journey will be a good one.

Rick Richardson
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Hi Rick, you are so right on. No, I'm not like you, 
and you are not like me. Clones we are not!! Seriously, 
you always seem to be able to see right to the heart of the 
matter and it gives me confidence to understand that I can 
have different opinions and still be "ok" until I learn 
otherwise or stick with my particular viewpoint. Let's 
agree to never stop learning!! Thanks for your insight.
Klamath Falls, Or. USA

My Evil Twin

When I was young I knew a set of identical twins.  One of the twins was always getting the other one into trouble because of a mistaken identity.  Many criminal trials have ended tragically over the years because of a rush to accuse, when we believe we have the "real" criminal, only to find later that it was a case of mistaken identity.

It seems that I have an evil twin.  Although I am sure that my "twin" is a very fine and good man, we have the same name.  This has created a bit of confusion.  As life would have it, there are a lot of other people with the name "Rick Richardson", but one of these other people is a very prolific writer of Christian books.  He is not me.  My book is titled "Origins of Our Faith".  I have not read the "other Rick Richardson's" books, but from their description I would say that our theological perspectives very quite a bit from one another.

My apologies to the other Rick Richardson for any confusion.  I can imagine the firestorm against him for my book that may have happened, considering what has happened when people assumed that I had written HIS books.  He, from what I can tell, is a mainstream Christian thinker who writes for a mainstream Christian reader.

I don't mind being criticized and challenged for my beliefs. However, we should always try to "have the right guy".  I cannot explain why someone else has written something.  You will need to take it up with him.  But please don't.  Like I said, I am sure he is a very fine and good man.  Leave him alone.  Because, after all, he is not me either.

Rick Richardson
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Will the "Real" Noachide please stand up (and raise your right hand)

Over the last few days I have been trying to answer the slew of questions concerning my actions about standing before the Sanhedrin to take a Noachide oath.   It seems that I have unknowingly done some tragic thing.  Some have accused me of not being a “real” Noachide. 

They may be correct.  I belong to no organization or “club” of Noachides, nor have I ever professed as such.  I don’t know the secret Noachide handshake, nor have I been given the passwords.  Apparently I did not fill out my application for membership, and foolishly considered that this was more of a matter concerning my relationship with God than it was being in the right group. 

If we are ever going to get past the silly and petty name calling, we must all realize that what is happening is NOT ABOUT US.  We are not the important factor in what is happening around us.  God is working out HIS plan, and wherever that leads is fine by me. 

Susan (my wonderful wife) and I stood before the Sanhedrin to take the Noachide oath after this past Sukkot (2006).  There was no agenda or statement that we were trying to make, other than as non-Jews we were willing to submit to the authority of the court and commit ourselves to follow whatever rules or laws God expected us to follow.  I offered to help in any way I could, but did not press the matter.  When it seemed as if no help was wanted, that was just fine.  I don’t mind NOT being in the center of things.

Committing ourselves to the service of God, in whatever way each of us can, should not be a controversial thing.  I would hope that this would be an area that we can come to some agreement on. 

I realize that we do not all see the world around us from the same perspective. I am willing to admit that I may not be a member of the returning lost tribes.  My thesis on the subject may be way off base.  BUT, if I am right; if we are seeing the beginnings of God moving to bring the northern kingdom home, we can either ride the wave or try to stand in its way. But, how do we know for sure that God has anything to do with ANY of this.  We may all have to just wait and see what happens next.

There is no leader in this "movement" and we must not be too eager to point fingers and stir up controversy. The tendency, however, is often to become very critical of the position in life that we are from.  The person most against smoking is an ex-smoker.  A person who has changed many of his Christian beliefs often becomes very anti-Christian. We all must be patient with one another, and realize that not everyone is at the same place on this pathway. 

Be kind and decent and don’t get in the habit of making demands that everyone see everything the way that you or I may see them.  It would be nice if we were born with our beliefs fully developed and evolved, but that is not the case. This is a messy process, but if we all clean up our acts just a little bit, maybe the mess will become a little easier to work through.

Rick Richardson
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Please excuse all the questions but I'm a bit 
confused by what I have read here.  In one post 
it says---As Christians we feel as if we have 
the answers to life that Jewish folks need---and 
in another it says---Susan (my wonderful wife) 
and I stood before the Sanhedrin to take the 
Noachide oath after this past Sukkot (2006).  
And yet the whole seems to be geared toward the 
house of Yosef returnees.  I'd just like to know...
who or what are you exactly.


I realize that all these terms are a bit confusing. How
could I put myself in all three distinctively different groups?
The problem is the terms have meaning in the context
that they are used, and meanings get attached to terms
that may not be wholly representative of that particular term. 
From my youth I have considered myself in the Returning
Northern Kingdom (Lost Ten Tribes) group.  I believe
that God is working to bring the Northern Kingdom home. 
Many if not most all of that group are found today within
Christianity.  There is much for that group to learn (or unlearn
as the case may be).  So when I say "as Christians", I am
talking to that broad group of people, many of whom are
just beginning on their path and are only starting to be attracted
to "Jewish things", that are moving towards Sabbath and Holy
Days and the understanding of who they are (or may be).

For the longest time I resisted anything having to do with
Noachides.  I felt it would be a step backwards. Why, would
I, if I felt I was a member of the northern kingdom, want to
be a Noachide?  If I am trying to keep the Sabbath to the
best possible way that I can; if I am eating Kosher; if I am
trying to practice the family purity laws; if I am trying to do
all these things that a Noachide are clearly not required to do,
why would I want to be one?

It was not until a Rabbi friend of mine explained that
everyone who follows God is a Noachide, even Jews. 
The Jewish people (which would also include members
of the Northern Kingdom who return), however, also
have MORE laws to live their lives by.  So by taking an
oath saying that you will obey the seven universal laws
in no way prevents you from observing the 613.

At this point in our (the Northern Kingdom's) history,
we are NOT a people.  Many of us do not even know
what tribe we are from.  We have a feeling, and not much
more.  There is no proof. Until we can come to a mutually
accepted starting point, any reconciliation of the two
kingdoms will be unobtainable.  The Noachide pledge
does not put one into a specific group, but rather a specific
CATEGORY of individuals who believe in; trust in; and
pledge obedience to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Thanks for your question,
Rick Richardson

Thank you very much.  That helps a bit, 
but this brings up more questions, if I may.... 
I've been learning on another house of Yosef's site.
Do all the house of Yosef groups teach this same 
statement of faith in Yeshua.  Nazarene Israel 
recognizes the secrets of Scripture: That both the
Jews and the Christians are essentially Israelite 
peoples; and that Scripture prophesies a 
two-thousand-year-long division between the Jews 
and the Christians, that is beginning to be 
healed in our day. While recognizing that the 
Jews are also Israelite peoples, and will be saved 
one day (re: Zechariah 12:10), Nazarene Israel also 
understands that belief on Yeshua as the Messiah,
the Son of the Living Elohim (G-d) is a precondition 
to Salvation (Matthew 16:16).  Or do some demand 
that NT belief in Yeshua be abandoned, i.e. 
[John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and 
the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 
2 He was in the beginning with God.  3 All 
things were made through Him, and without Him 
nothing was made that was made. Hebrew 10;11  
And every priest stands ministering daily and 
offering repeatedly the same sacrifices, which 
can never take away sins. 12 But this Man, after He 
had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat 
down at the right hand of God,....]


Yes there are many "Hebrew Roots" websites with very
Greek ideas.  The idea that the Northern kingdom is now
saved and the southern kingdom "will be saved one day" 
is backward.  According to scripture (Hosea 1:7 / John 4:22)
The Southern Kingdom has been saved throughout history. 
It is the Northern Kingdom That has been lost and is in
need of saving.  That is why they are called the LOST Ten
Tribes.  You will find no place in scripture where the
Northern Kingdom returns to teach the Southern Kingdom.
Rather, when the Northern Kingdom returns they are
TAUGHT by the Southern Kingdom (Zech. 8:23). 

When the Greeks who became followers of Yeshua
began to outnumber the Jewish followers. The Greek ideas
and concepts also began to grow.  Greek society was filled
with gods.  The concept of messiah was foreign to them.
The only way that they could possibly understand messiah
was to think of him as a God. At the end of the first century
and into the second, this concept began to become more

For a more complete explanation, go to the "aleph" link. 
It is a link to my book that is available to read on line.

It is surprising how turned around we have become as to
think that we, the rebellious lost tribes, are the ones with
the truth and understanding.

Thanks Again,

Ok, I've read the ten chapters online and what 
strikes me is that it appears to simply ignore 
anything in the New Testament that contradicts 
the stated opinion. Take my previous quote from 
the Epistle of John for example:  "In the beginning 
was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the 
Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 
3 All things were made through Him, and without
Him nothing was made that was made."  

Clearly, the New Testament claims that Yeshua 
co-existed with God and was the actual creator 
of all that exists.  If you deny this, then the 
New Testament cannot be accepted as scripture 
and should be thrown out altogether.

I notice also that very little, if anything, is 
taken from the writings of the Apostle Paul and 
for good reason.  It certainly does nothing for 
the case you are attempting to make. Quite the 

Galatians, ch 2:14 But when I saw that they 
were not straightforward about the truth of the 
gospel, I said to Peter before [them] all,
If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of 
Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel 
Gentiles to live as Jews?

21 ... if righteousness [comes] through the law, 
then Christ died in vain.  
Galatians 3:24 Therefore the law was our tutor 
[to bring us] to Christ, that we might be 
justified by faith. 25 But after faith has come, 
we are no longer under a tutor.  

Galatians 4:22 For it is written that Abraham 
had two sons: the one by a bondwoman, the other 
by a freewoman. 23 But he [who was] of the 
bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and 
he of the freewoman through promise, 24 which 
things are symbolic. For these are the two covenants: 
the one from Mount Sinai which gives birth to 
bondage, which is Hagar --  25 for this Hagar is 
Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem 
which now is, and is in bondage with her children -- 
26 but the Jerusalem above is free, which is the 
mother of us all.  27 For it is written: Rejoice, 
O barren, [You] who do not bear! Break forth and 
shout, You who are not in labor! For the desolate 
has many more children Than she who has a husband.   
28 Now we, brethren, as Isaac [was,] are children 
of promise.   29 But, as he who was born according 
to the flesh then persecuted him [who was born] 
according to the Spirit, even so [it is] now.  
30 Nevertheless what does the Scripture say? 
Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son 
of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of 
the freewoman. 31 So then, brethren, we are not 
children of the bondwoman 
but of the free.

I do appreciate your taking the time to answer 
questions as it is my intent to understand this 
"phenomenon," as you call it.  With no offense 
intended, but in all honesty, it seems to me after 
this initial investigation that this movement is 
some kind of hybrid faith ---neither fully 
Christian or fully Jewish.

I would like to ask further, if I may, whether 
the rabbis who presided over the public oath you 
took to be a Noahide knew about and understood 
your beliefs regarding Yeshua and the New 
Testament; that you are teaching these ideas to 
others?  I've read from other sources that the 
rabbis are becoming very amenable to softening 
their stance against these issues. I'd be curious 
to know if there is any truth to that.

I can't help thinking about the famous reprimand 
to the Laodicean church found in Revelations, 
ch 3:15 "I know your works, that you are neither 
cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot."

From my perspective, I wish that you were either 
Christian or Jewish (including Noahide) and not 
a mix of both.  Then again, maybe this is the 
clearest proof yet for an Ephraimite connection, 
as it says in Hosea, ch 4: 17 "Ephraim [is] joined 
to idols, Let him alone."



Part of the difficulty we have in understanding the New
Testament is we read from our modern English Bibles and
we expect to find the meaning of the original text perfectly
preserved.  If you were to look at a pre-King James version
of the New Testament you will find a different take on the passage in John

1525 (TYNDALE)

"In the beginnynge was that worde, and that worde was with God: and God was that worde. The same was in the beginnynge with God. All thinges were made by it, and without it, was made nothinge, that made was.  In it was lyfe; And lyfe was the lyght of men ..." 

In this translation "the word" is not capitalized and does not refer
to a person, rather it is the personification of the word that God
spoke to bring everything into existence.  This is how the Hebraic
followers of Yeshua would have understood this verse.  The idea
of a pre-existent Jesus is a later development in Christology.

The New Testament has value, in that it is a collection of testimonies
and letters that help us understand what the early followers were
experiencing.  It is NOT, however, law, and it should never be
confused as such.  On the other hand, "throwing it out altogether"
would be narrow sighted, and leave many gaps in our understanding
of this period of time.

You are correct to see that Paul, as Peter says, is not always clear
in his arguments.  Add to that, the biased perspective of the scribes
in the early church, who copied the letters, changing them to add
"clarity". Many times while reading letters from Paul I can see what
his original arguments were, based upon the scriptures he his quoting
and the context in which he uses them.  Many of the early Greek
followers, however, were unfamiliar with the Torah, not realizing
what he was quoting. That being said, I don't believe that Paul always
understood the reality of the situation. I am sure things turned out
much different than he thought they would.

Paul's mission was not to the Lost Tribes, as was the 12 Yeshua,
(Jesus) taught.  His focus was on the Gentiles. So, by telling them
(the Gentiles) it was unnecessary to observe the law and become
circumcised was exactly correct.  A gentile is fine just observing
the seven Noachide commands.  A Jewish person, however,
must observe all 613 commands in the Torah.  Messiah ben Joseph
does not come to save the Jews OR the Gentiles.  Rather, he
comes ONLY for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (the Lost

You are also correct to notice that this is a messy process. 
There are many along the path, in various stages, making it
difficult to ascertain the truth. We have been looking at our
faith from a certain perspective for so long and we have
invested so much effort into our beliefs that it is hard to let
them go and see things from a different vantage point.

It is a process that causes everyone to take a second look at
the way things are, and try to image how they will be. 
Although Christianity has been, throughout history, filled
with paganism and idolatry, everything is in God's control
and works together for God's plan for mankind. 

I have found most of the Rabbis that I have met to be
kind and patient men.  They are able to both teach and
listen.  I admire them greatly, and I am pleased to have
them as my friends. One of the Rabbis in the Biet Den
who administered the Noachide oath also wrote one of
the endorsements on the back of my book.

I must say that I really have found much of what 
you are saying to be quite on target. Some material
you have clarified has even been helpful to me
in my correspondence with several Christians who
have demonstrated animosity towards Judaism...I
have used some of your insights to give them perspective.

My effort is to explain the purpose of Christianity from a Hebraic
viewpoint; to explain who Yeshua believed he was; and to
explain why so many Christians are moving towards Judaism. 
It would be nice if the process were quicker and easier,
but it is what it is.  Yes, the Northern Kingdom is still holding
onto much of it's idolatry.  Elijah said, "How long will you stay
between two opinions?"  There will come a time when the
whole heart of the nation of Israel turns toward God.  I pray it
comes soon.

Thanks Again,
Rick Richardson

Rick says:  In this translation [i.e.,
1525 Tyndale] "the word" is not capitalized and 
does not refer to a person, rather it is the 
personification of the word that God spoke to bring
everything into existence.

However, reading further down in the same 
chapter of John, we can read: 1:14  And the Word 
became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld 
His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of 
the Father, full of grace and truth. 

Do you still want to tell me that this is not 
referring to the person of Jesus Christ?

Next, Rick writes regarding my suggestion that 
if the New Testament is not to be considered as 
part of the Bible, it should not be considered at 
all:  "...throwing it out altogether" would be 
narrow sighted,...."  yet, isn't this exactly 
what Judaism, the very Judaism that you have 
irrevocably linked yourself to through the 
rabbis, done for the last two thousand years?  

Please bear with me. I'm still trying to 
understand here. I did not say Paul's arguments 
were unclear. They seem very clear to me.
But perhaps they seem so to you since you 
did not address the points I raised.  Is it 
possibly because you have no answer for them?  
If so, then please be honest enough to say 
so and don't just ignore them.

To paraphrase, Paul states that Peter had ceased 
to live as a Jew. He was enjoying his newfound 
freedom from the Law and was essentially 
living like a gentile.  Wouldn't Yeshua's 
right-hand man (Peter) know better than this if 
it weren't to be?  

Paul goes further and says the law was a tutor 
to bring us to a certain realization after which 
it is no longer necessary.  And then he goes even 
further still and equates those who live under 
bondage to the law from Sinai with being children 
of the slave woman Hagar.  This is obviously talking 
about the Jews here, not the gentiles.

I personally do not have a problem with you 
choosing not to believe this, but I do have a 
problem with those who want to make the New 
Testament over into something it is not.  If 
I followed your thinking and decided that these 
statements of Paul were only inserted later 
by the Catholic Church seeking to remake 
Christianity into a non-Jewish movement, 
I think I'd find it impossible to know just 
what was and what wasn't inserted so long 
after the events.  According to this line of 
thought, the entire collection of writings 
is called into question, making it completely 
unreliable for teaching or instruction.

You say that you believe Christianity is part 
of a Divine plan to bring back Ephraim.  Then 
what of Islam which also has the same roots 
as Christianity?  Many Jews feel that some of 
the Ten Lost Tribes will be found in Afghanistan 
and other Muslim countries. 

Correct me if I am wrong, but the sense 
I am getting of this, as I said before, is that 
it is neither truly Christian nor truly Jewish.  
I don't believe you would argue that point. 
Now, the Jewish writings define two groups of 
people, Jews and non-Jews and yet you have 
defined three: Jews, Ephraimites and gentiles.  
Is it your belief that Judaism is missing 
something that Ephraim needs to restore to 
it in order for it to be whole?  And that this 
"something" is those things which Ephraim 
feels it may have gained from it's sojourn 
within Christianity?  Is this why the 
Ephraimites don't just give up Christianity 
altogether and simply embrace Judaism?

I would really like to know.  I really would 
like to understand this. I hope you will continue 
answering these questions.  Many thanks.


Yes this passage is NOT referring to a pre-existent Jesus. 
It is referring to the word of God. It is saying that God had
his plan from the beginning of time.  That this plan included
a Messiah, and God brought this plan into reality. This plan
and concept of redemption was in God's mind and words
from the beginning of time. All of creation is centered around
this plan, and there is nothing that is created that does not take
this into account.  Again it is NOT referring to a pre-existent
being.  This way of thinking is standard in Hebraic (Jewish)
thought, however it is not the Greek way of looking at things.

Peter says Paul is hard to understand.  If you believe he is "very
clear", I commend you for your discerning abilities. However,
I do not believe he is clear at all, that is why there was such
controversy over his statements.  In the book of Acts Paul goes
to the Temple to fulfill a Nazerite vow to PROVE that he was
NOT telling Jews that they did not have to keep the law.

Your conclusion to:

But when I saw that they walked not uprightly
according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto
Peter before [them] all, If you, being a Jew, live
after the manner of Gentiles, and not as do the
Jews, why compell you the Gentiles to live as do
the Jews?

Is to say:

Peter had ceased to live as a Jew. He
was enjoying his newfound freedom from
the Law and was essentially living like
a gentile.

This does not (even on the surface) make a lot of sense.

I know this is difficult, because it is hard to look at our beliefs
from a different perspective.  I heard a Rabbi give a speech a
while back where he was recalling a quote from a calendar that
he had found.  The quote was a reversal of a common saying ...
it was:  "If I hadn't have believed it I wouldn't have seen it."  
It is so true that our beliefs create our perspective of reality. 
We see what we believe to be true.  The first century Jews
would certainly not have interpreted John 1 to be talking about
a pre-existent Messiah.  That, however was the only way the
Greeks could understand this concept.

You are correct, I would not rely on the New Testament for
my base of teaching.  All instruction must be based upon the
Torah.  Just as the Bureins "searched the scriptures" to find
out what was truth. So must we search them.  This of course
did not include the New Testament (which had not been written
at this point in time).  This is not just a question of dismissing
something that does not agree with my viewpoint.  When taken
into consideration that of the early (over 5000) documents
there are no two that are identical to one another, infallibility
and inerrancy come into question.

It, I believe is more valuable to consider what Jewish belief
has been over the past few thousand years.  Has it changed?
If so, when, how and why? Or did the Greek believers simply
not see things the same way?  Where do you find the historical
arguments for and against the Messiah being God?  How did
this viewpoint grow and change over time?  Was there ever
a time in Jewish history where Messiah was considered to
be God?  Was knowing WHO Messiah was EVER a condition
for salvation in Jewish history?  Did God make a mistake or
change His mind concerning the Jewish people?  What events
are found throughout Jewish prophecy?  What do the prophets
say about the redemption of Israel and the importance of the
Northern Kingdom, (Lost Tribes) to turn back to God? 
Where does the Bible EVER talk about the Northern Kingdom
coming back to teach the Southern. 

When we ask questions from the wrong perspective, assuming
certain things to be true, because we believe as such, even though
history and logic point elsewhere, it is like asking someone "So,
When did you stop beating your wife", and expecting a one or
two word response.

The return of the Tribes is what prophecies of the end time
focus on.  This does not come about to fix what Judah is missing,
rather, it happens to save the Ten Tribes from their lost state,
so Israel as a whole (with Judah leading the way) can be a light
to the nations, and bring peace to the entire earth..


Thank you for these responses to my questions.  I pray 
you will choose the right path for you and I wish you 
much success on whichever one you choose.  As it says, 
He who comes to do good, Heaven helps him and he who 
comes for evil, Heaven helps him, too.


Thank you for your questions.


Debbie - Please consider something that 
totally opened my eyes in regards to the New 
Testament. Go through all the N.T. books and mark
any place that makes a direct statement quoting 
from the Old Testament. Then, go and look up the 
Old Testament quotes. Compare the two for accuracy.
For example: Eph.4:8 to Ps.68:18 -- isn't there 
a big difference between giving a gift and receiving 
a gift? Or Is. 42:4 to Matt.12:21- so do the
coastlands wait for the Torah, or do they call 
on the Name? So far I have found around a dozen of 
these. Christianity says the N.T. was written by
the Holy Spirit -- why are these scriptures then 
misquoted from the O.T.????


Another question to ask is exactly when did the collection
of books comprising the New Testament become infallible
and inerrant?  Were they so in the second and third century
-- or only when we get to the current collection that come
about in the fourth century?  If they were infallible and inerrant
in the second and third centuries then we would need to
include The Shepherd of Hermes, Epistle of Barnabas and
other books from the Apocrypha that were included in the
collection at that time.  Also -- Are additions to the text to
be considered "the word of God"?  If not we must get rid
of the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery, the
end of the Gospel of Mark, and the birth accounts at the
beginning of both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

All that being said, and even though there was enormous
tampering with the text, I still believe that the books comprising
the "New Testament" are extremely important at filling in the
gaps of history and giving us insight into the first century
mind-set.  There is frankly no need to add all the fables and
Greek concepts to such an important story.  If Yeshua (Jesus),
this first century individual, changed the world and because of his life and teaching, and the Northern kingdom of Israel will soon return...  That's not a bad legacy
-- not bad at all.


Rick, Since you wrote above in your response 
to Christine, that the NT is not infallible, then just 
how can you justify using it at all?  Especially in view 
of the fact that the early followers of JC did not even 
have any bible at all according to the NT itself 
apart from the Torah Writings and Prophets, which is 
used as an acronym for Tanach.   Many of the quotes in 
this fallible book are deliberately misquoted, I bring 
to your attention this one from Hebrews.

Hebrews 10:5 Wherefore when he cometh into the world, 
he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, 
but a body hast thou prepared me:

But even the KJV translates it correctly in Psalm 40:6.

Psalm 40:6 Sacrifice and offering thou didst not 
desire; mine ears hast thou opened: burnt offering 
and sin offering hast thou not required.

Since Hebrews 10:5  is absolutely critical to 
establishing JC as the the incarnation of God on 
earth how can you even still give the NT 
any credence whatsoever?  This kind of thing 
is rampant throughout. The Torah on the other hand 
has remained accurately transmitted from 
one generation to another by the scribes.  
Since every single letter in the Torah Scrolls is 
calculated to ensure that it remains accurate.

Melb. Vic. Australia


I have many books in my library that I find useful.  And yet
they are not infallible.  How can this be?  How can I justify
using my Britannica or Funk and Wagnall at all?  I also read
newspapers and on occasion find interesting things on the
internet.  Why would I possibly read such things? How could
they be of any use?  Maybe I can still find value in these books,
even while admitting their infallibility.  HMMMM


Rick, I've just written to 
asking them about Jeshua as Messiah. Here is their answer:
Dear Artur Olczykowski, Thank you for your questions to w! I will respond in-line:

	your_comments : Hello. I've got a question about  
        Messiah. Is it possible to be a son of Noah and 
        believe that Jeshua of Nazareth was Messiah?

A "son of Noah" is by definition a Gentile. Anyone who is 
born a Gentile, as long as they do not convert to Judaism 
according to Torah Law, is automatically a "son of Noah" 
(or a "daughter of Noah"). Regardless of what the person 
believes, he/she is obligated by Divine command not to 
transgress the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah.
If the person also observes these commandments, AND accepts 
that they were given by G-d through Moses as part of the 
Torah at Mt. Sinai, and that the Torah is eternally true 
- then that person is a Pious Son (or Daughter) of Noah, 
who will receive the Divine reward of a place in the eternal 
World to Come. However, if a person believes that Jeshua 
of Nazareth was Messiah, then he/she is denying the truth 
of the Torah, and is not considered a Pious Noahide.

	"I need to add that I do not believe in his 
        divinity - it 	means that I believe only in 
        one God and I consider Jeshua only as a men 
        anoited by God. Can I be consider as a noahide?

Again, the goal should be to rise to the spiritual level 
of a Pious Noahide. This includes accepting the truth 
that Jeshua was not the Messiah, was not anointed by G-d, 
was not a prophet and was not righteous, as we know from 
the personal accounts of the righteous Jewish Sages who 
know him personally, knew his rebellion against the Torah, 
and knew the religious cult which developed after he died. 
I hope this answer has been helpful, and you can certainly 
let me know if you would like any further information or 
proof texts about any of these details.

Best regards,

Ask Noah International
United Noahide Academies

What do you think about that? Do you agree with that 
artur olczykowski
Farncombe/ UK


There are many Jews who do not believe that Jesus existed,
because of the lack of first hand Jewish accounts from that era. 
So I find the above statement rather curious.  Exactly which
"righteous sages who knew him personally" are we talking about? 
There seems to be an awful lot of "filling in the blanks" going on. 
Also, the REQUIREMENT to think ill of another individual in
order to be "pious" is also quite interesting.  This is a form of
"piousness" that I am unfamiliar with.


Rick, You responded to my question about the false 
translation by Paul of Psalm 40:6 "mine ears hast 
thou opened" with Hebrews 10:5 "but a body hast 
thou prepared for me" An alteration in the text 
which was made in order to establish the doctrine 
of "incarnation" of the christian god Yeshua, as 
the Lamb of G-d in human form!, whose flesh and 
blood must be consumed in order to be a part of 
the New Covenant!  So how on earth can you justify 
continuing to give credence to a book which identifies 
the Jews as killers of Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 2:14 For ye, brethren, became 
followers of the churches of God which in Judaea 
are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like 
things of your own countrymen, even as they [have] 
of the Jews:  15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, 
and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; 
and they please not God, and are contrary to all men"

Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, 
and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the 
blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are 
not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the 
synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and 
are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to 
come and worship before thy feet, and to know 
that I have loved thee.

The New Testament is filled with acrimony towards 
Jews, rabbis, scribes and Pharisees.   How can you 
honestly still hold to its teachings, even continue 
to sell christian literature, and yet claim to be a 
Noahide?  As the prophet Elijah once told the 
children of Israel who were walking astray.  

1 Kings 18:21 "How long will you dance between 
two opinions?  If HaShem is the G-d, go after Him! 
And if the Baal, go after it!  
Baal = Lord.

Melbourne, Australia


UMMM  What?   I am unsure of the point you are attempting to
make. I am sure that you believe that you making a coherent
argument, however, I do not know what it is. 

We often see exactly what we want to see.  Someone that
believes in the "boogie man", will find him behind every door and
under every bed.

Thanks for your comment ... question ... umm ... thanks anyway.


You are most certainly sure of the point Frances is 
making, Mr. Richardson. You are a religious quack. 
You are a Christian (which makes you an idolator), 
not a Noachide. You lack the courage to be 
truthful and honest, and without courage you will 
never find the G-D of the Jewish people. You are 
too much of a coward to be a "real Noachide." Get 
a life, censored. 
All we are able to do, is to try the best we can to humbly follow 
what we believe to be truth.  I wish you well.

I view righteous Jews and Noahides in light of the 
revelation of Jesus and Melchizedek. Jesus was a 
circumcised Jew and Melchizedek was an uncircumcised 
Noahide, just as Melchizedek was equal to Jesus so 
the Noahides are equals to Jews and do not have to 
get circumcised and be indebted to the Torah 613 
commandments. niether Jesus nor Melchizedek 
was God, but they were monotheist they worshiped 
one God, The Most High God.
Jacob Jones
New York, NY 
I am not sure that I understand your comparison, however, 
I agree with your comments that there is a difference in the 
APPLICATION of the law. You are correct, a Noachide is 
not under the same requirements of the law that a person 
who is "Jewish" (a member of the family of Israel).

Teaching the Noachide to a bunch of Gentiles 
puts you in the same catagory as the main stream 
Christian church who says the law (Torah) 
has been done away with.  The Noachide is a 
rabbinical gesture (give a dog a bone) to Gentiles 
so they (rabbinites) do not have share Yah's Torah.  
It also keeps the authority of the Rabbis intact, 
along with their oral talmud.  The Rabbis today say 
they are descendants or followers of Hillel, but they 
still have shut the door to the kingdom of Heaven 
to the Nations (Gentiles).
Teaching the Noachide keeps the Gentiles from 
seeing the Torah, thus it acts as the SAME barrier 
as Shammai imposed with the eighteen edict.  The 
eighteen edicts kept the Jews from teaching the 
Torah but now the Noachide has enabled the Jews to 
keep it hidden and inessense have led to many 
non-Jews to feel that the righteous path is not 
the Torah but 7 man-made laws.  The Jews were 
given the commandment to be a lighthouse to the 
Nations (Gentiles).  Instead they (Rabbinites) have 
kept is hidden.  Let the real Torah stand up and 
stop teaching this man-made trash!!!!  There is only 
ONE Torah for BOTH the Natvie-Born and Stranger.  
Are you so binded to see this?
Jacob G.
Teaching a Noachide that he is not required to keep every 
one of the 613 commandments is no different than teaching a Jew 
that he is not required to keep every one of the 613 commandments.
There are commandments that are only for the Levites, others that 
only apply to the sons of Aaron.  There are commandments that 
only apply to men and some that only apply to women.  So to say 
that not all of the law applies to a Gentile (Noachide), does not 
constitute "doing away" with it.
A Noachide may keep and observe many of the laws like eating 
kosher or observing the Sabbath, however, he is not required to do so.  
You seem to be saying that the Jewish people are trying to 
"hide" the law from Gentiles.  
Nothing is further from the truth. We all have access to the written 
Torah.  Many homes have several copies.
You are correct to say that there is just one law, however, to believe 
that each law is for every person is a misunderstanding (or just not 
reading) the law.
Thanks for your comments,

A Radical Solution
to the Middle East Crisis

It may at first seem a bit radical at first, however it will eventually be the only option that will work; allow the Northern Kingdom to come home.

Long before the conflict with the Palestinians, God promised land to the nation of Israel.  This land, the prophets say, will be occupied by BOTH houses of Israel before Messiah comes to rule over them. When that happens peace will come to the entire earth.

The problem is, the Northern Kingdom disappeared from the face of the earth long ago and are now known simply as "the Lost Ten Tribes".

However, if we believe in Bible prophecy, this land that is currently being fought over, (southern Lebanon and the "West Bank") will always be in conflict until the rightful residents return to occupy it. Hezbollah does not belong in southern Lebanon and the Palestinians do not belong in Samaria. This land is where the Northern Kingdom (the Lost Ten Tribes or the House of Israel) will return to.

Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush are pursuing a solution that will not work, because it goes against what God has already foretold in prophecy. The solution is simple, yet it requires more faith than either, at this point, are willing to possess.

Allow the Northern Kingdom to return.

Government officials, however, are not the only ones to blame.  The religious leadership also needs to realize that their actions (or inaction) may be the very thing that is preventing the Messianic Age.

But how, you may ask, can a people be allowed to return, when we do not even know who they are?

It is not necessary to know who they are, only to believe that they exist. Just provide a pathway and they will come.  It is like the movie "Field of Dreams". This, however, is a WORLD of dreams ... a world at peace.

The House of Israel is bubbling up all around us.  It is a closer reality than most people can possibly imagine.  Allow the Northern Kingdom to return. In the end it will be the only solution.

Rick Richardson
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You’re an unctuous ass, Rick Richardson. And a 
digusting liar. You are NOT a practicing Noachide
—you’re an idol-worshipping Christian. You verify 
the truth of the Yiddish proverb, “Too much honour 
is half disgrace.” 
You cannot imagine the emotional damage you have 
done to real Noachides like me and who knows how 
many others. You should learn to adhere to the 
shibboleths of your own religion before you meddle 
in the religion of others. As we say up here 
to those who have wronged us, “May the rats eat 
your mail.”
A real Noachide,
Michael Devolin



This is a bit of a head scratcher, yet I am pleased to have a post
from a "real Noachide" Thank you so much, 

Rick Richardson

I can't find any dates.  Is this blog current?



I haven't put up a new post in a while. 
Thanks for reminding me.


You are an censored, Richardson. You are living 
in a dream--an illusion. You really need help. 
Christian wing-nuts always revert to the ambiguousness 
of "prophecy" (and since you're not Jewish, all 
prophecy in the Tanach will be outside of your Gentile 
realm)  whenever their religious proposals are suspect, 
and you are no different. 

You are not Jewish, Richardson. You're a Gentile 
and an censored. That's all you'll ever be. Stay out of 
Israel. Israel doesn't need you. You belong outside of 
Israel. You're an idol-worshipping goy. Get real.  


You seem to be upset at something (although I am unsure
of exactly what).  If you have any specific questions, I would
be more than happy to attempt to answer them.

Thanks again for your posts.


Return and/or Convert

How will the northern kingdom (the lost ten tribes) return from exile?

From its inception Israel has been an open society. In that, if you, as a non-Israelite, wanted to become part of the nation of Israel, you could do so. It has been this way from the time Israel left the land of Egypt. (Exodus 12:48)

This process, although uncomplicated, was not to be taken lightly. There were many restrictions and requirements that, as a non-Israelite, you were not subject to. Circumcision was required for all males. Both male and female would, in addition, go into a ritual bath as part of this process. But these physical acts happened only after it was determined that the individual was truly sincere in their desire to become an Israelite.

It has long been the practice of the southern kingdom (Judah) to discourage a Gentile from “converting”; and rightly so. After all, the Gentile does not become a better person by virtue of the amount of laws he needs to obey. He is perfectly fine to remain an uncircumcised “righteous gentile” observing the seven Noahide laws.

A Jew, however, cannot decide to become a “righteous gentile”. This situation is in some ways very similar to being a member of the northern kingdom (the lost ten tribes). Although it may be hard for someone not in this position to understand, we do not have a choice in who we are, even though we have no proof of our identity.

The process of becoming a member of the spiritual nation of Israel has not changed throughout history. Unfortunately the word “conversion” is more associated with abandonment and betrayal than it is with joy and return. Yet, if members of the northern kingdom (or lost ten tribes) are to return at any time in the future, they must certainly go through this process of education ending with circumcision and the ritual bath.

If indeed the northern kingdom is in the process of returning, the exact details of all that will be involved will soon unfold before us. However, the only method of return will be the process that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Rick Richardson
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Are you saying that the only way for the lost ten 
tribes to return is by converting to Judaism?


The northern kingdom has been assimilated into the Gentile nations. The ONLY way for a Gentile to become part of the nation of Israel is to go through a process including circumcision.  We call that process today "conversion". There has never been another way.  Will that process have a uniqueness considering the numbers of people involved?  I don't know.  We will need to wait and see.


It took me a while to search on the net, 
only your site explain the fully details, 
bookmarked and thanks again.

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been 
to this post which was recommend by my friend, 
lots of valuable details, thanks again.
pret rachat de credit

Forgive Me Father ... for I Have Sinned

One of the most difficult things that we do in life is to admit that we were wrong. It is going through that process of realizing that we don't have all the answers and then realizing we didn't even know the questions we all find rather humbling.

I must admit, I felt I knew a lot more of the answers to life when I was younger than I am today.

So, what is all this self-reflection about?

My son and daughter have both grown up and moved out of the house. They both are struggling to make their way in life, making poor choices and not interested in the simple advice from dad. I don't think there is anything harder than to watch your child go through difficult times, and realize that there is very little you can do.

It is not until we realize we DON'T have all the answers that we finally begin to understand life. This principle is the same in our religious perspective.

As Christians we feel as if we have the answers to life that Jewish folks need. We have our answers before we even understand what the questions are. Our views are all neatly tied up and put into just the right size box that we can store on our life's shelf. We move through life making unnecessary mistakes because we refuse to admit we don't know everything; we don't have all the answers.

A simple and honest look at history and at the Bible SHOULD help us see things correctly but we have been looking through our upside-down lenses for so long we do not understand how backward we have been.

According to what I see written in prophecy, it is the northern kingdom that has been lost. I find no place where the northern kingdom comes back so they can teach the southern kingdom.

For those who believe that they are part of the returning Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, it is time to realize that we (the northern kingdom) are not the ones with the answers. We are the prodigal son; we are NOT the faithful son. We, however, have been away for so long that we honestly believe that WE are the ones to save the day.

Until we reach into our own hearts and begin to understand how terribly off track we have been, our road back will continue to be a distant one. Not until we can come before God and confess, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned", will we be able to begin the journey home.

God tells us that the answers are well within our reach, if only we are willing to see them. 

Rick Richardson
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Thank you very much for encouraging 10-Israel 
to come back home. We (me with family), are on the way. 
Still we have many questions, that must be answered. 
We wait on Him.
The more we seek the truth about our Elohim, 
the more we realize how little we know. I use to think 
we had almost all the answers, as a “Christian”, but 
He has humbled us. How arrogant we are. How much 
correction is needed! It's funny how the truth of 
knowing who we are now (lost Israel) has made us feel 
more lost than ever! I can hardly wait till we can 
finally go home!
Burns,OR USA
I have read some of your comments about the return 
and restoration of Israel to the Holy Land. I am in agreement 
with at least part of what you have said here. Please let me 
share some my views with you. The infrastructure of design, 
the paradigm of God's plan for mankind is seen in the 
covenant that the LORD made with Abraham (father of many 
nations) and the later reiterated with his grandson Israel 
which consists of three parts; one-the Holy Land, two-"kings 
will come" (the promise of the Christ), three-"a nation 
and community of nations"; (the worldwide government of 
God or Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ). The House of Judah 
is the lessor and The House of Joseph is the greater part of 
"The Greater Israel". Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of all 
the Law and Prophets and everything belongs to him. We 
believers are heirs to the promises He made to Israel (greater
Israel and lessor). Gal.3:29 Restoration of Israel means the 
Throne of David will completely reunite Ephraim with Judah. 
"all Israel will be saved" The House of Judah will continue 
to be hardened until the full number of gentiles (the House 
of Joseph) come into Israel. Romans 11: 25-27 History has 
confirmed that God is sovereign over the events that fit the 
pattern of His plan which reflects the perfect infrastructure 
of design seen in scripture.
Stephen Richardson
You appear to be looking in some of the right places; 
but are coming to the wrong conclusions. May I suggest 
you read my book, "Origins of Our Faith" (it is available
to read on line, totally free of charge).  Thank you for your 

A Sad Day in Israel

Today Israel expelled the people of Gush Katif from their homes. The following is taken from Shlomo Wollins website (

9:10 am.

[ editor’s note: I have reached final stages of packing and will shortly have to pack my computer equipment. I offer you the following last-minute coverage from INN of the arrival of the final, deportation troops entering the beautiful city of Neve Dekalim to escort 100% of its inhabitants (with or without force) to an unknown destination.

The families here (many with 5-10 kids) have not been given any notification of immediate or long-term living arrangements. I will not, however, be offered a new living option or compensation; not that I would accept anything from this corrupt government at this point.

My wish is to restart my life anew, and all I hope for at this point is not to be arrested/detained and be dropped on the streets of Holy Jerusalem to recover from this horrific ordeal….I can see soldiers coming up the street…time for me to close my computer and finish packing…after nearly 100 days reporting live from Gush Katif…the soldiers are coming to remove me from this place and the people that I have come to love…from what is now home to me…from where I was hoping to marry, and build a family and home….from the most beautiful and splendid expression of Jewish settlement on the planet…Gush Katif…we will come back one day and make you blossom again…and once again the sound of Jewish children playing will return…for now…goodbye Gush Katif…

I’ll miss you and cry for you forever..

Shlomo from a tear-stained keypad awaiting deportation…]

How sad. How very sad.

Rick Richardson
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Tisha B'Av

Today is the 9th of Av on the Hebrew Calendar. It is a fast day, (neither food nor drink are consumed), and a day of mourning. It was on this day that both the first and second Temples were destroyed. In addition there is a list of evil events associated with this day.

It is not surprising that the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza falls also on this day. What DOES surprise me is the amount of support AMONG THE JEWISH PEOPLE for such a plan. What can they possibly be thinking?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why any Jew would believe that what is happening now in Gaza (and being proposed to happen in Samaria) is a good thing. How does this in ANY WAY benefit Israel? Yet the final vote in the Knesset to move forward with this plan was approved 17 to 5, and reports continue to say that 65% of the Jewish population are IN FAVOR of the expulsion plan!

Today's actions by the Israeli government remind me that the string of evil events that have happened throughout history on the 9th of Av, began with such an act. When Moses sent 12 spies into the promised land, ten of them came back with an "evil report". They would not trust in God to fight their battles and they rejected the promised land. It is no coincidence that for the majority of its history ten of the 12 tribes have been lost, not even knowing who they are.

The exile of the northern kingdom has gone on too long as it is. It is not time to retreat from the land. It is time to stand before God and trust Him as deliverer.

Rick Richardson
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The Phenomenon

(originally posted March 2001)

Something is happening. In every denomination within the Christian Church there is a drawing; a tug back to the origins of our faith. We who are being drawn are seeking something, but we are not always sure what that something is. We are part of a phenomenon, trying, (to the best of our abilities), to follow that tug, that we believe is God Himself drawing us back to our beginnings.

From my perspective, it is not necessarily essential to know why the phenomenon is happening, only to see that it is. It is somewhat like the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Many people feel like the character played by Richard Dreyfus. They are pulled toward Jerusalem. They are compelled to reevaluate, and begin to observe in a more complete way, the Sabbath and the Biblical Holy Days. Prayer and gratitude and an eagerness to learn are becoming more prominent in their lives. They find a kinship with complete strangers who are also being pulled the same direction, to the same end.

There is no organization that will control or contain it. It is not our doing, ... it is God’s. That, however, does not mean that there will not be organizational attempts to take control and even take credit for the movement now a-foot. This, in itself, is the biggest obstacle that we are facing; to allow God to do His work, and for those of us who are leaders to be gentle guides. To not evaluate our own significance as of any importance. To not read ourselves into prophecy. To not focus upon our own accomplishments, as if they were the important factor.

When you get right down to it. None of us have the market on being able even fully comprehend what He is doing. Every time I believe I understand the breadth of what He is doing, I soon realize; I was only seeing the edges of a small corner.

What then are we to do? Should we sit back and ignore it, avoiding taking any active roll? No, but neither should we force it into our individual areas of comfort and familiarity. We should be aware of and watchful for, those people eager for followings ... for the person who believe that God has given His truth to them alone.

As phenomenees and observers of this phenomenon unfolding, let us not be focused in narrow areas and subjects that will divide us. Rather let us focus on what unites us; the topics, issues, and values that we can clearly see we are all moving toward. Asking each other for patience and understanding. Being able to teach and be taught. Not forcing or convincing, but gently guiding, directing, and educating in the service of one another.

Rick Richardson
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very  good ,very good shalom
Union City

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